All conversations about orthodontics these days include Invisalign. Of all the options we have to straighten teeth, it is the most esthetic and accepted treatment we offer. The most common questions we get about the aligners are if they work, if they hurt, and what is the cost?

Invisalign does work! Invisalign is essentially a series of removable clear aligners (much like the bleaching trays) that are worn day and night to align the teeth.  They are almost invisible and allow our patients to speak clearly and smile without visible braces. Since the aligners are removable, compliance is absolutely necessary to get a great result so it takes a persistent patient for the success of Invisalign.  Since compliance is critical, the majority of our Invisalign patients are adults.  However, some teen patients have been excellent at wearing them as well. In addition, with new research and developments, we have been pushing the envelope of treating more difficult orthodontic cases with Invisalign where braces were traditionally the only option.

So how does it work? Each aligner slightly moves the teeth and treatment consists of a series of aligners, each a little closer to the ideal bite, to progressively straighten teeth.  The more complicated the bite correction is to begin with, the more aligners and greater the length of treatment will be needed. Since the movement with each aligner is slight, the pressure and discomfort are minimal. Most of our patients adjust to wearing their new aligners very quickly as there are no brackets or wires to get used to.

 The cost of Invisalign treatment depends on the length of treatment and number of aligners necessary.  It is however, close to the same price as adult braces.  It can be as few as five aligners for minor treatment.  Longer treatments last between six and twelve months, which is generally shorter than patients expect.  The treatment and cost will be customized to fit patient’s concerns. We work with our patients to make each treatment the most economical for the desired effect.

We have seen that many patients, especially adults who do not desire to have metal braces, have put off orthodontic treatment because of questions about Invisalign.  Now that they have been answered, all the specifics of an individual’s needs can be answered during our complimentary consultation.  Dr. Darsey is a Board Certified orthodontist and has in-depth knowledge as well as ample experience with Invisalign.

The road to straight teeth is easier and shorter than most patients expect.  The key is starting as soon as possible to enjoy a beautiful new smile for a lifetime!

Dr. Lindhorst, Dr. Darsey, Dr. Theriot and Heights Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics Team