Soprolife: Latest Technology in Pediatric Dentistry

Updating your dental equipment is important to get the best possible results and take advantage of the wonders of technology, especially so in pediatric dentistry because children usually cannot perform several tasks yet on their own so oral care must be done with the aid of adults.

That is why Smiles For Kids is always on the lookout for technology that can help in making patients feel comfortable in the dental chair by shortening the diagnostic procedure and making is as precise as possible.

One of these new technological additions to look forward to is Soprolife, an imaging and diagnostic tool used to aid various dental treatments. Simply put, it is a camera that takes images of the teeth in a revolutionary way using blue light. The clear and sharp output is amazing which in effect assists Dr. Lindhorst in precise diagnosis.

The Soprolife uses fluorescence dental imaging to magnify the image up to 115 times, far better than a microscope can. This helps in detecting caries and decayed areas easily. Although it offers high technology, it is easy to install and operate. The output is connected to monitor or TV sets.

There is no special requirement or limitation to use the camera. Since it does not emit ultra-violet waves, Soprolife is safe even for pregnant patients and children. This high-resolution camera can be simply used to take large photos of teeth to show to parents, but it also operates in two “dental” modes. Mode I or the diagnostic mode aids in detecting the various clinical stages of cavities. Mode II or the treatment aid mode is used during cavity treatment to make sure that all decay has been removed and the cavity is ready for a filling without leaving any undetected bacteria.

Technology is an important component of any pediatric dentistry practice so it is important for parents to scout for a health practitioner that offers the latest equipment, complemented with extensive experience and updated education of the dentist.

Smiles for Kids does not only offer those qualities but also creates a memorable and educational experience for kids so they can look forward to the next dental visit. We use Soprolife to show children and parents trouble oral hygiene areas, before and after pictures of plaque and tartar, any grinding wear, ulcers, injuries or any intraoral pathology. It allows us to communicate our goals of a clean and healthy mouth clearly and improves communication greatly.

Dr. Lindhorst and her team attends many dental classes and conferences in order to learn about such technology and we strive to constantly improve our diagnosis, treatment options, communication and education through these new technological inventions.