NuSmile Crowns: Aesthetics and Function for Children

Dental practitioners have had the easy option for the placement of stainless-steel crowns on children in the past. These stainless-steel crowns have always been the primary choice of restoration because they are quite convenient to install and are very durable. Children who have been affected by early childhood caries benefit from this type of crown the most, especially because it is a durable and permanent restoration that will last a life time of a baby tooth.

However, the problem with using stainless steel crowns is that although they are durable and easiest to place, they are not particularly attractive as they are silver in color. They do not hide very well and are quite obvious. The esthetic problems with stainless steel crowns are not a secret to the dental community.

NuSmile Crowns is a response to this concern. First introduced in 1991, it offers crowns that look good as well as offer high quality. There are many other companies that offer similar products but according to its makers, NuSmile Crowns did better in laboratory studies in terms of fracture and fatigue resistance as well as color stability. This combination of natural esthetics and durability make it a popular choice when it comes to pediatric crowns.

At Smiles For Kids we chose NuSmile Crowns for all our patients needing anterior (front teeth) restorations and we give parents an option to use them also for the back teeth. We believe that it is important for parents to have this choice if esthetics of the child?s smile is important to them.

The look and feel of NuSmile Crowns largely depends on the way that they are fitted. It differs slightly from the way traditional stainless steel crowns are placed on the mouth. The product is available in both anterior (front teeth) and posterior (back teeth) versions and offers anatomically correct crowns for natural-looking teeth. In fact, the surface of the product has the color of actual teeth so the restoration does not stand out.

NuSmile Crowns are designed in order to provide access to a strong, color-stable, and full-coverage option for the protection of the remaining tooth structure. It is thus a viable alternative to the cumbersome stainless-steel crown. It is also better than the composite strip crown because it is not as sensitive when it comes to application techniques and wear and tear.

There are several styles available when it comes to NuSmile Crowns. The anterior crowns are designed with both point angles that are slightly square so that the distal point angle may be more rounded in the operatory. The purpose of this is to make a distinction between the right and left crowns. Usually, creating right or left crowns come with no additional charge. In addition to this, the regular length crowns come in uniform lengths, which are the same sizes as the standard sizes of the stainless steel crown. Short length crowns are 1mm shorter and may be best used for the very young dental patients.

The colors of NuSmile Crowns also vary depending on what is needed. Extra Light Crowns are the original shade for children. Light Crowns are tinted with more yellow than the original color for more shade match options, especially on some single tooth applications.

There are many advantages associated with NuSmile Crowns: easy placing on the teeth, full protection and durability are just some of the qualities which make this particular product a reasonable choice for those who need dental work done.